Are you ready for your startup to take flight?

Startup Life… you start in one place, you pivot to another, and sometimes it feels like you cannot move as fast as you need to move. CAVU’s Scrum for Startups gives you the clarity and ability to move quickly. 

Additionally, for many businesses in Alabama, this upskilling program is available for free through the Alabama Workforce Stabilization program.

CAVU - Your Agile Startup Learning Team

CAVU delivers hybrid learning experiences that are foundational to your digital and Agile transformation.

Our lessons are practical and immediately applicable in your day-to-day work. Whether you are creating the next ‘unicorn’ or creating a lifestyle business, you’ll get clarity from learning with CAVU.

What you'll get

We’ve customized our dual certification bootcamp to guide small businesses through implementing and using the power of Scrum to get twice the work in half the time. 

Our 5-day, 20 contact hour bootcamp results in the following benefits:

  • Two valuable certifications (Registered Scrum Master & Registered Product Owner)
  • The know-how to accelerate your team’s ability to respond to a changing environment.
  • Tools to implement agility in your company whether you are two people at a dining room table or 50 people getting ready to scale.
  • A community of startups and entrepreneurs that will join you on your journey to success.

Upskill your workers for free*

Thanks to a program funded under the CARES Act, many Alabama businesses qualify for tuition assistance from AlabamaWorks. This program is designed to help Alabama businesses avoid layoffs, upskill their workforce, and create more sustainable companies.

How does this work?

Alabama Companies can apply for Incumbent Worker Training through AlabamaWorks. (we help with this)
Eligible employees apply, take the Test of Adult Basic Education (TABE), and register for a public cohort
The businesses pay the cost of tuition and is reimbursed by the state after your employee receives their certification

Ready for a first class learning experience?

Talk to someone from our success team so we can help your startup take flight on your path to long-term success and viability!

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