Scrum@Scale in a Nutshell

Scrum@Scale in a Nutshell

Scrum@Scale gives a lightweight framework that empowers organizations to roll out scrum across infinitely large organizations.

Scrum in a Nutshell

Scrum in a Nutshell Microlearning

Cover the basics of Scrum. Scrum as a framework is easy to learn but challenging to master. Transform the way you think about creating value and getting work done.

Outputs vs. Outcomes Microlearning

Learn the differences between Outcomes and Outputs. Understanding outcomes and outputs will help you better organize your work and move both your company and your team forward in meaningful ways.

Agile Toolkit

CAVU’s Agile Toolkit Microlearning

In this Microlearning lesson, you will learn about the Agile ToolKit and all the uses that it has to support a Scrum team. This ranges from calculating velocity for a sprint, tracking the progress of your release, and displaying it all on a dashboard.