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If you’re a leader in an organization that’s undergoing an Agile transformation, the last thing you want is to be left behind. The Registered Scrum Master@Scale credential can help you learn how to be a key player in scaling Scrum to driver better organizational outcomes.

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Who should take this course?

Your Learning Background

Your Background

Scrum Masters@Scale are change agents. Experienced Scrum Masters, Coaches, and Agile professionals will benefit from this class and gain the tools to take their organizations to the next level.
Pre Reqs


  • Scrum Master or Product Owner credential (preferably Registered Scrum Master or Registered Product Owner)
  • Familiarity with Scrum@Scale
benefits of the RSM@S Credential

Why should I Become a Registered Scrum Master@Scale?

Join the International Registry of Agile Professionals as an RSM@S.
  • Highly regarded, industry-recognized credential 
  • Sets you apart as a leader with proven expertise 
  • Most popular Agile framework in use 
  • Stay relevant in today’s job market 
  • Spearhead increased productivity and deliverables 
  • Improve team management and collaboration 
  • Cultivate a healthier work environment  

Build High Performing Teams @Scale!

What to expect in this course

The Registered Scrum Master@Scale Course

In this course, you’ll engage with tools like case studies, real-life experiences, and interactive exercises to better how understand how scaling Scrum and the Scrum Master role truly work in an organization. This course can enable you to build teams that exceed expectations.


Course Orientation
Meet the Class

Scaling Events

How It Works

Scrum Master Cycle


Agile Operating System

Connecting Cylces
Scrum of Scrums

Course Close Out

Next Steps
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About the registered scrum master@Scale credential

After the Course Comes the Credentialing

This course is four three-hour days (12 hours of live instruction) and covers all required learning objectives. Once you take the course, you’ll be eligible to take the Registered Scrum Master@Scale exam, and you’ll earn the RSM@S credential when you pass.
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Beyond the Credential

Your training doesn’t end on the last day of class. Our learner’s have access to exclusive on-going educational opportunities that augment and expand your in-class learning. Our goal is to build a more equitable workforce. To do that, we have to expand our definition of learning to truly meet people where they are and help them continue far beyond that!
CAVU's Alumni Community

Alumni Community

Learners will join our global alumni community and access exclusive support, job opportunities, and tools. Enhance your skills and knowledge with like-minded professionals.


Micro Learning

Enhance your learning journey with access to our micro learning library, designed to expand your knowledge and skills. Elevate your career with convenient, 15-minute bursts of learning that fit into your busy schedule.


Tools and More

Take your learning from the classroom to your team with access to our growing library of tools, templates, guides, and quick starts. Enhance your skills and knowledge with resources such as AgileKit, which helps you quickly implement Agile best practices.

Build High Performing Teams @Scale!

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