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Agile Accelerator Beta FAQ

The Agile Accelerator Beta Program is a pre-launch opportunity to access CAVU’s groundbreaking Agile and Scrum training program, which leads to two Scrum Certifications – the Registered Product Owner and Registered Scrum Master credentials. Participants in the beta program will receive reduced pricing or even free access to the program.

The Accelerator Beta program is scheduled to begin in the early summer. We will start opening the beta pool during this time. Please stay tuned for further updates and exact dates.

To secure a spot in the Beta Program, simply sign up with your name, email, and company on our landing page. You will receive a confirmation email acknowledging your registration and providing further details.
You can secure an earlier spot in the Agile Accelerator Beta Program by referring others. For every person you refer who signs up for the program, you’ll move up in the queue. To refer friends or colleagues, share the referral link provided in your confirmation email.
The Agile Accelerator program combines 10 hours of on-demand learning with 10 hours of instructor-led challenge sessions. This blended learning approach enables participants to apply the knowledge they gain from the on-demand content in practical, real-world scenarios.
The cost of the Agile Accelerator Program for beta participants will be significantly discounted, ranging from a substantial reduction in price to potentially free access. The final cost for each participant will depend on factors such as their position in the sign-up queue, eligibility for our LevelUp Scholars Program, and other criteria that may apply. By signing up for the beta program at no cost, you’ll be kept informed about our pricing plans as we approach the program’s launch date. We are committed to offering world-class training at affordable rates, and our goal is to make this invaluable learning experience accessible to a wide range of learners.

Participants will receive the same credentials offered in our Scrum Bootcamp program. Upon completion of the Accelerator, you will be eligible for the Registered Scrum Master and Registered Product Owner credential.

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Learn from Global Leaders in Agility


Chief Product Officer

Chris Sims, CPO of CAVU, leads Agile teams with 20+ years of software engineering and 16 years of project management experience. He coaches clients of all sizes and is a Scrum Fellow, recognized for exceeding Scrum Inc. standards and being an expert in Scrum Implementation and education.


Chief Agile Officer

Scrum Coach with a demonstrated history of working in the agile training and consulting industry. Scrum Inc Scrum Traner Fellow, Scrum Inc Scrum Master, Scrum Inc Product Owner, and Scrum@Scale Trainer.


Lead Scrum Master

Rebecca Dobrinski, Chief Scrum Master at CAVU, has been leading and coaching teams for over 20 years. In addition, she coaches speakers, leads a course on Business Writing, and writes a regular column for’s The Lede. Rebecca serves on the Entrepreneur and Practitioner Advisory Board for the Journal of Small Business and Enterprise Development. She holds holds the RSM, RSPO, & RS@SP certifications. 


Course Producer

Drake, an ardent Scrum practitioner, course producer, and graduate of CAVU’s LevelUp program, champions lifelong learning and supports peers in mastering Scrum. With extensive Agile knowledge, he adeptly tackles challenges and promotes open communication.
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