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CAVU builds a more equitable workforce through highly engaging training in Scrum and Agile. Take flight with our Agile and Scrum certification courses and community membership.

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Scalable Agile Education

CAVU Credentialing Experiences

CAVU’s trainers are leading experts and are recognized in the International Registry of Agile Professionals™. We offer scalable credentialing solutions for your individual career or your organization. Here are a few of the Agile Education™ credentials we offer.


Registered Scrum Master

Coach your teams to move twice as fast, build twice the value, and to do it at a sustainable pace using Scrum. 


Registered Product Owner

Product Owners lead their team in solving real, human, problems. Learn to build products that delight.


RSM+RPO Bootcamp

Earn two valuable credentials while learning from leading industry experts in Agile and Scrum.


Scrum@Scale Practitioner

Scrum@Scale is a leading industry framework that is changing how enterprises get work done. 

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Our Course Offerings

Test Your Knowledge

Understanding outcomes and outputs will help you better organize your work and move both your company

Instructor Led

Scrum@Scale extends the Scrum framework to span and scale from small to infinitely large. The Scrum@Scale


Scrum@Scale gives a lightweight framework that empowers organizations to roll out scrum across infinitely large organizations.


Grasp the concepts of Scrum@Scale. This course also takes you through how this lightweight framework can

Instructor Led

Earn TWO valuable credentials in just 5 days (Registered Scrum Master and Registered Product Owner). Go

Instructor Led

This course will help you master the Scrum process and equip you to help your teams

Instructor Led

Through in-depth case studies, real-life examples, and interactive exercises, you will learn to maintain alignment in

Instructor Led

Build your next product at twice the speed and twice the value creation with the Registered

Instructor Led

The Registered Agile Coach™ (RAC) credential: an intensive coaching program designed to take you, your team,

Instructor Led

Out Ask Me Anything coaching session is an agenda-less meeting that allows participants to learn from

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